My Summer Shot on Film

Kodak Gold 200 Red Strawberried Shot on Film Analog Photos

While I eagerly wait for Carmencita to send me my film scans from this year’s family vacations, I thought I should start doing something about the 50K+ personal photos lying around my hard drive. This summer I started shooting on film and it’s been a great source of learning. I discovered, for example, that if I measure the light properly before I take the shot, my lab can take care of all my color workflow and once I get my scans back, all I need to do is open them up in Lightroom, click on my preset and TA-DA. Quite literally.

This summer I had a few weddings to shoot, so we couldn’t travel, but we did try to be outdoors as much as possible and take in all the sun we could possibly accumulate in our skins before the weather changed. Because, you know, winter is coming. Winter is always coming here in Sweden. We visited our friends’ farm and saw their cows, had some junk food one day (which is a rare happening in my life, as I love cooking and my homemade burgers are pretty incredible), went countless times to the dog beach and let Astro swim and run like crazy… I tried some double-exposure and played with my tilt-shift lens -> I love how it looks on film! It was a good family summer! It rained quite a bit, and it was not as warm as the past years, so no bikini for me this time :-(

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  • Beatrice Bolmgren

    on October 28, 2015  13:25

    Gud vilka härliga bilder! Jag vill också ha sommaren tillbaka! :(

    • Maira Martins

      on October 28, 2015  14:23

      Åaah Tack för dina fina ord Beatrice! Jag hoppas att nästa år vi har det vääääldigt varmt, Brazilian style! :D

  • Albert Palmer

    on October 30, 2015  10:44

    That dog is too cute! Blog blog posts of her please!

    • Maira Martins

      on October 30, 2015  10:48

      Haha! Astro will soon be 3 years old, I might make a special blog post to celebrate :-) Thanks for the idea, Albert!

  • Paul Krol

    on October 31, 2015  00:12

    The photos look fantastic and I think its great you shoot personal stuff on film. I do as well - all personal photography/projects etc are 100% film now. Great work!

  • Jessica Schilling

    on October 31, 2015  00:46

    I love these so much! Inspires me to post more of my personal film shots!

  • James

    on November 2, 2015  09:01

    MAIRA, what an amazing set of photographs. Each one brought me there. Beautiful

  • Daniel Ha

    on November 2, 2015  21:41

    Love this film shoot. Even makes McDonald's look good. Brings back some old memories of how things looked on film when I was growing up.

  • Sarah

    on November 2, 2015  22:17

    LOVE the dog shaking the wet off, cute!

  • Teresa K

    on November 3, 2015  20:53

    I enjoy seeing personal work! What a great set of summer images. It makes me wish for warm weather to return again!!

  • Mercedes

    on November 4, 2015  02:25

    You had a sweet summer! Love your aesthetic.

  • Heather K

    on December 17, 2015  04:11

    Aww I adore that "shaking off the water" shot. Gorgeous work!