Late Summer Wedding Inspiration

This weekend I joined RockFotoEmma and 12 other photographers for a whole day of portfolio shooting at Görvälns Slott, a 1679 castle located north of Stockholm. Emma and her team had styled three beautiful couples, and we had access to not only the beautiful renaissance rooms of the castle, but also to its gardens and sunflower fields. More images to come as soon as I receive my film scans back from the lab!

sweden europe fine art wedding photographer maira martins sweden europe fine art wedding photographer maira martins Bride and groom kissing. Bruden och brudgummen kyss. Europe fine art wedding photography. Bride and groom in forest. Bruden och brudgummen i skogen. Europe fine art wedding photography.

The Gift of Friendship

A little over a year ago I received a message on facebook from a Brazilian girl I knew en passant. Giane lives in Belgium and had just had a baby. She told me she loved my images and she asked if I had any mentoring programs. I though this girl might be crazy, I am just starting this thing out! But I replied I didn’t have a mentoring program in place, but I would be glad to share with her everything I knew about photography.

We started with some image critique. I always made a point to be kind, positive and encouraging but I never lied to her. When a photo was good, it was good. When it was bad, it could always be improved, right? That girl grew up and grew up. She discovered a passion for film photography. She dared, she contacted people, she tried. She is now a great photographer. Now it is her turn to teach me, and she’s been encouraging me now when I am taking my very first steps into the film photography universe. We talk to each other every day, we help each other, we lift each other spirits. Now I am not her mentor any more. I am her friend, which is something so much better!

Yesterday a box from her arrived. Filled with little things. A handwritten note from her. Some super good smelling cream from the hands and face. Raspberry lip balm. Two notebooks… So much love. I am so happy to have this woman as my friend!

“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself…””

Wedding-Cute-Pretty-Packaging-Pink-Teal-001.jpg Wedding-Cute-Pretty-Packaging-Pink-Teal-003.jpg Wedding-Cute-Pretty-Packaging-Pink-Teal-002.jpg Wedding-Cute-Pretty-Packaging-Pink-Teal-004.jpg Wedding-Cute-Pretty-Packaging-Pink-Teal-005.jpg Wedding-Cute-Pretty-Packaging-Pink-Teal-006.jpg

Published on Bröllopsguiden

Yesterday was a good day! I started the morning with an SMS from my bride Elizabeth, saying the latest issue of Bröllopsguiden wedding magazine was on the newstands and her wedding was featured there. I photographed this fantastic couple back in May and their wedding will be published here on the blog any time soon. Their day was filled with love, was interesting, was fun, it really was a personal affair. I am really glad they got featured at the magazine, because they have good solid advice to give to couples planning their weddings. Plus, seeing my photos for the very first time on a printed publication… priceless! My heart was beating so fast as I was walking home with the magazine on my hands, I even had to sit to rest :-)

You find Bröllopsguiden nr. 2 / 2015 on most Pressbyrån in Sweden, as well as online on Ztory.

Another reason why yesterday was special is because yesterday night I finally completed my website and business rebranding. I had been working on this since June, creating mood boards, collecting inspiration, researching. I went on a trip down the memory lane, back to my childhood, finding inspiration on my own life, re-discovering the things that I love and that always made me happy: being in the nature, surrounded by animals, climbing trees, swimming in that emerald green ocean, building sand castle, reading my little books, eating tropical fruits, living a simple life. I decided to incorporate all of this in my work and to show you all who I really am! Welcome to my new home! I couldn’t be happier 

Maira-Martins-Bröllopsfotograf-Bröllopsguiden-Tidning-Flygvärdinna-Flygpilot-Kärlek-001.jpg Maira-Martins-Bröllopsfotograf-Bröllopsguiden-Tidning-Flygvärdinna-Flygpilot-Kärlek-002.jpg