• on November 9, 2012

If photography is my heart, cinema is my soul. I have studied and worked with cinema, as well as radio & tv, for 7 years of my life. Cinema is photography at 24 frames per second. I mean, literally. One second of a movie is made of 24 photos. It is inside me, it’s part of me.

When I started working as a photographer with BrasilCine, I knew I just had to create something that would merge photography and cinema. During six days, from 25th to 31st October, I have photographed and filmed everything I could think of. My goal was to create a video that would showcase the amazing experience that was this festival, both for the BrasilCine team and the public. We made that festival, with all its colors. And with my work I wanted to create something inspiring, creative and above all, true to myself. And WOW! How much I love editing videos :)

And here are a few stills from the FILM :)

BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_01 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_02 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_03 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_04 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_05 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_06 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_07 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_08 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_09 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_10 BrasilCine-2012_Cinematography_Photography_Fusion-Slideshow_11

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