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  • A Sunset Timelapse

  • The exploration continues! Last week I and Jaanus went to a hill nearby to photograph the sunset. The idea was to create a day-to-night sunset timelapse (also known as Holy Grail timelapse), and it was a great experience. We packed tea, sandwiches, warm jackets and gloves and spent little more than [...]
  • Exploration

  • Last year was a busy year. Having booked 7 weddings on my very first year as a wedding photographer and videographer, I can assure you the amount of work kept me busy for many days and nights. I actually longed for some quiet time with Jaanus and our dog, Astro. And then it came, the slow season[...]
  • A Weekend in Budapest

  • Few days after I came back from Brazil (soon on the blog!) I went for a romantic weekend getaway with Jaanus in Hungary. You see, it was *that* week of the year again. The most romantic week of the year. And so we went to celebrate Valentine's Day (Alla Hjärtans Dag), Jaanus birthday and our 4 years[...]