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  • Anna+Izzy's Wedding Slideshow

  • Exactly ten days ago Anna and Izzy got married. For the second time. I will tell you this story when I publish their whole wedding, so you get a taste of my excitement. But for now let's keep this short and sweet. Anna and Izzy's Stadshuset wedding was the first of 2014, the first of this wedding se[...]
  • Happy Valentine's Day

  • One more year. One more dramatic choice to make. What I really love about this contest is how those couples (ok, I can tell it's really the girls writing, but let's say it was the 'couple') really take their time to write their whole story, complete with names, dates, places, details, to such an ext[...]
  • A glamourous summer wedding

  • This wedding was so fantastic, I'm not even sure how to explain... I think only looking at the images is not enough, one has to watch their wedding trailer as well as their wedding film to understand how wonderful it was! Ellen and Stefan are just plain gorgeous, a Danish beauty and a Swedish viking[...]