Dalarö Skans Wedding // Elizabeth + David

Stockholm Wedding Photos

I’m looking outside my window and I see rain and heavy wind hitting the trees in the forest where I live. It’s 10 in the morning and the sun has barely risen. I’ve been working for two days on this blog post. Now feels like a good time to share this magical wedding at Dalarö Skans, an old fortress on a little island in the middle of Stockholm archipelago. Back then, it was spring. Life was everywhere. It was not all grey and clouds like it is now. The color palette was vibrant greens and blues. Birds were happy and the sun was shining. One thing we had in common, then and now: the wind.

He is an airline pilot. She is a flight attendant. It started the way it started for so many of us. They were both in other relationships, they were good friends. Eventually, the old relationships dissolved and they realized they were more than just friends. They were meant to be.

Birds hovering the boats, blue skies, the smell of the ocean. The ceremony was held inside the old defense tower. After they got properly married, the reception started in the Glass House. The archipelago, the islands, the water, the sun, the birds, the boats. Magical. After dinner, a photobooth, an open bar, a party in what looked like a cave or a bunker. This was one wedding for the books!

Vacker bröllop på Dalarö Skans, mellan en flygpilot och en flygvärdinna. Under dagen bjud brudparet på en fantastisk flygvisning. Vigsel på tornet Dalarö Skans. Bröllopsmiddag i glas huset. Dagen slutade med en stor party och med en rolig photobooth (fotobås). Alla bilder tagna av Bröllopsfotograf Maira Martins.

Ceremony & Reception / Bröllopslokal: Dalarö Skans
Wedding Planner / Bröllopskoordinator: Anna-Karin Haglund
Hair & Makeup / Hår och Smink: Letícia – Le Beauty Salong
Wedding Dress / Brudklänning: La Sposa
Wedding Photographer / Bröllopsfotograf: Maira Martins
Photobooth / Fotobås: Maira Martins

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    • Elizabeth Hjernberg

      on December 4, 2015  09:48

      We are very good They say a picture says more than a thousand words❤️

    • Maira Martins Photography

      on December 4, 2015  11:29

      OMG!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Congratulations!!!! So happy for you two!!!! This is the best news Elizabeth :)

  • Albert Palmer

    on December 5, 2015  17:03

    What a really elegant wedding! Whilst the lighting looks challenging the ceremony photos are ace

    • Maira Martins

      on December 6, 2015  13:59

      Thank you, Albert! It was really dark inside the tower during the ceremony, but it turned out nicely :)

  • James

    on December 7, 2015  12:46

    Holy cow! This is stunning, I love love love your editing style

  • Marcela

    on December 7, 2015  20:00

    How beautiful! That last shot too is totally killer.

  • Briana Morrison

    on December 8, 2015  01:15

    Beautiful setting! I really love that last shot. haha

  • therese winberg

    on December 8, 2015  18:11

    great story! Dalarö Skans is such a great setting. Loved it Maira

  • Jessica Schilling

    on December 10, 2015  18:34

    So stylish and cool! I love all of it!

  • Sarah

    on December 11, 2015  19:05

    Gorgeous! I love their ceremony images, so intimate.

  • Heather K

    on December 12, 2015  02:52

    I love, love, love how you use strong composition as a tool to tell the story. Gorgeous work!

  • Heather K

    on December 14, 2015  23:23

    Absolutely breathtaking. LOVE your compositions!

  • bryan

    on December 31, 2015  22:06

    Boom. Seriously stunning.

  • Jack Chauvel

    on January 9, 2016  07:53

    Love your framing and editing, that shot of the bride going down the stairs is spectacular :)