This weekend we watched a creativeLIVE workshop with Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew about video… something I’ve done for so many years of my life. Most persons watching this workshop are photographers wanting to learn more about video. But as you might know already, I am a professional video editor trying to learn more about photography. During the workshop I was sooo inspired I just had to create something. Anything.

So there you go. I filmed Jaanus making our dinner. I feel like the next Almodóvar! A star is born!!!

PS: All the inspiration and renewed passion for video came  right on time. Today I am editing a promo video for Juliana Wiklund and her awesome project Essence Vitae! I approached her to ask for help with my photography and she helped me see I have something to give back too. I can teach others how to film and edit video and I can learn from others how to be a better photographer. Hope that's the beginning of many healthy and creative partnerships :)