Stockholm Engagement Photos Modern Sunny Warm Romantic

How would you describe your style?
My style is a mix of photojournalism and fine art. I am always looking for the stories to tell, the little moments, the hugs, the smiles. I don’t dictate the schedule of the day and I let the story unfold in front of me. I am constantly looking for the best light and interesting compositions. I prefer to work with natural and available light, and my images have been described by others as warm, natural, evocative, romantic.
Who is your client?
My client is open-minded, loves traveling, exploring, is not afraid of kissing and getting sexy in front of my camera, is someone who prioritizes people over things. Definitely not an overly traditional person.


Their wedding can have 200 guests or 3 guests total, it can take place in a fairy tale castle or in your parents’ backyard. The size and location of the wedding doesn’t matter, because the most important thing is saying yes to each other, yes to being 100% committed to making this work, being together.


My client has their heart in the right place. People over things, moments over flowers and decorations. I know I’m not the photographer for everybody, and that’s totally OK.

Do we need a second photographer?
For full day wedding coverage with more than 50 guests, I recommend always having a 2nd shooter as I can’t be in all places at the same time! With that said, I am perfectly comfortable shooting intimate weddings and elopements, or shorter coverages on my own, if you’d like me to.
Do you travel?
I do! Traveling makes me feel alive and happy. I’ve lived in 4 different countries, been to 15+ countries, am the proud owner of two passports, speak five languages and am always just looking for an excuse for a getaway!


I am based in both Barcelona – Spain and Stockholm – Sweden, and my travel costs are calculated with any of the two cities as a starting point, based on which is closer to your wedding destination.

OMG I am so bad in front of the camera...
99.99% of the people I photograph are not professional models and pretty much all of them tell me they are not photogenic AND they don’t want to pose for photos. But what they really mean is they don’t want photos that look posed. They want photos that feel natural, where they look gorgeous and in love.


To create photos that look natural and unposed, I need to pose you (mind-blowing, I know). We’ll embrace the awkward, we’ll go a bit crazy, you guys will kiss A LOT and relax and totally forget about my camera. Just trust me, ok? ;-)

How many photos will we get?
I shoot an unlimited number of photos and I deliver all the best photos of the day. That’s usually between 500 and 700 carefully selected, gorgeous looking images for a full day of photography.
How long will it take to get our wedding photos?
Your wedding gallery will be ready 8 to 10 weeks after the wedding. I always share a few sneak peeks before that, though :-)
Questions I'll answer once you're all mine!
How to plan the timeline of the wedding day? Should we provide you with a shot list for the wedding? What should we wear to our engagement session? Can other guests take pictures while you do? Where should we shoot?
How to book you for our wedding?
Most of my clients book me between 14 and 6 months in advance of the wedding. Get in touch as soon as possible and tell me a bit about you two and your wedding (email me at or use the Contact form.).


Don’t forget to mention location and wedding date. I will confirm if I am available on your date, and we’ll continue from there! Your wedding is booked only after we have signed a contract and you have paid a retainer of 50% of your wedding package.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.”