Shooting Film with a Olympus Trip 35 (part 1)

Olympus Trip 35 with Kodak Tri-X 400 Film Analog Photography

About two months ago I did something crazy: I bid on a batch of 41 rolls of expired film on ebay. And I won!

Back in 2005, when I started learning photography, I shot film. Today I shoot most of my paid and personal work with a digital camera and while I still think a DSLR is a fantastic learning tool, it also made me a bit more lazy. Suddenly, knowing I could take 1000 photos of whatever caused me to stop making an effort to actually find the best combination of light, angle, lens for that same subject. Digital photography made me more comfortable in so many levels, but film photography used to make me take more risks. And risks are a big part of the learning process and developing one’s style. So that’s why I bought 41 freaking rolls of expired film.

All images shot with a 1967 Olympus Trip 35 (bought for 75 sek in a 2nd hand store, or about 10 usd) during a short trip to Estonia to visit Jaanus’ grandma and then a few weeks later at the Stockholm’s Archipelago with some friends. The Kodak BW400CN expired in 2007 was developed by Carmencita Film Lab and was exposed with +1 to compensate for the age. Not sure if that was the best move, as the film is quite contrasty under bright light and absolutely useless in low light. The camera works with focus zones, which is haaard. Still trying to get the hang of it. See for yourself!

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  • Diana

    on August 14, 2014  08:01

    Absolutely agree - the beauty of shooting film is about cherishing each shot you make! I absolutely love the one with the dog!