Ethan // Newborn Photos

Stockholm Familjefotograf Barnfotografering Newborn Nyfödd bilder i Reportage Stil

Continuing on the topic of documentary family photography, I met with Celine and Xinming to document their newborn son, Ethan. Only 15 days old, this adorable Chinese baby had already managed to play havoc with his parent’s routine and turn the house upside down. Yin and yang, strong and fragile, storm and silence.

Nyfödd bilder i reportage stil. Stockholm familjefotograf och barnfotograf Maira Martins.

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  • Giane Lima

    on June 15, 2015  16:18

    Love it! That period when they are too tiny for newborn diapers! Miss it already!
    Beautifully shot Maira! And congrats to the parents!!!

  • Cindy J. Coffey

    on March 19, 2016  11:00

    So lovely pics! I really want to have a baby when I see these pictures