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Bride and Groom Old Wedding Photo Taken 1946 Brazil

My Grandparents’ Wedding Photos

I was at my grandparents’ place, looking at some of their photo albums. I remember some of my cousins were there too. My grandmother had written the places and dates behind all the photos, and it was so weird and fascinating for us, a bunch of teenage girls, to look at those old photographs and …

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Man's Hands Holding Red Strawberries Analog Shot on Film

Hello, 2016!

The last year I haven’t written a list of resolutions, and now I regret it. Like, seriously. I don’t have anything to track how much I have progressed. So this year I am committing to writing a list for the new year — with the serious intent to make them come true! I really want to look back …

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Sign 2015 written ice

2015, a Year in Review

Two thousand fifteen was a good year. Tough, but good. I feel I have evolved as a photographer and business owner, and probably grown even more as a person. This was the year my mother finally WON the battle against cancer! This was the year Jaanus and I got married! This was the year I literally made dreams …

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analog red shot on film strawberries summer wood

My Summer Shot on Film

While I eagerly wait for Carmencita to send me my film scans from this year’s family vacations, I thought I should start doing something about the 50K+ personal photos lying around my hard drive. This summer I started shooting on film and it’s been a great source of learning. I discovered, for example, that if I …

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Maira Martins Wanderlust

The Compass // A Story about Way Up North Stockholm 2015

Two weeks ago, something happened. Something big happened inside of me: my internal compass got aligned with my north. I went to the Way Up North conference here in Stockholm and it was simply mind-blowing. 500 photographers from all over Europe, North America and even Brazil (yes, I was not the only Brazilian! Hello Thrall!) …

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