let loose

incredible photographs of people being their goofy selves.

Wedding photobooth starts at 4000

If you’d like to have one of those wonderful things at your wedding, let me know.

Photobooths are awesome, we all know that. They-re by far the best way to get those incredible photographs of your friends, family and guests showing their true colors on your wedding day! I offer them as an add-on to my wedding packages. Here are a few unique benefits of my photobooths:

  • They are open and lots of guests can fit in!
  • They are self-operated. No awkward prompts, no boring queues, no hurrying up… Your guests can shoot as much as they want with the help of a remote control!
  • The photos are taken with professional equipment and they look amazing. While polaroids and ipads are very cute, their images are pretty low quality. With my photobooth you get a professional camera and studio flash for the highest quality!
  • You get ALL the high-resolution files to print and share to your heart’s content! (with no ugly watermarks!)
  • They include TONS of props and a cool background!
  • They save you time and money! If you are planning to Do it Yourself, know that the props (the funny hats, glasses etc) cost a lot of money and you need a lot of them! I’ve done all that work for you already, all you gotta do is have FUN :-)