Seville, Spain

View of typical Spanish houses by the river Canal de Alfonso XIII. Seville Spain Travel Photos shot on Kodak Gold 200 film

Those days it feels like we are forever stuck in that limbo period between fall and winter, you know? Grey and boring. I’ve been going through my vacation photos trying to get some of that nice warm summer feeling back.

Funny fact: We didn’t have much time in Seville and it was so incredibly hot that day (think 34°C!) that we spent half of our time in town inside a Starbucks drinking iced coffee and sitting right under the AC vent. I spent the day complaining about how warm it was. Now it’s cold and I’m complaining about how warm it should be. I start to see a pattern unfolding here.

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  • Miles D. Mungo

    on January 15, 2016  01:36

    I quite randomly stumbled across your travel (on film:) photography and was enraptured. It's really beautiful (as I'm sure you know) and I hope to see more!