Shooting Film with a Olympus Trip 35 (part 2)

Olympus Trip 35 with expired Kodak Gold 200 Film Analog Photography Stockholm Sweden Summer

So you guys remember I shot a roll of film one of those days, right? Immediately after that I started a second roll, this time a Kodak Gold 200, expired in 2007. I was about to start the third, when Jaanus stopped me (what would I do without him?) and reminded I would be better off sending those rolls to the lab, just to see if everything was coming out as it should… The shots below were taken during a really foggy day in Gränö, a little island in Stockholm’s archipelago, using only the Olympus Trip 35’s internal meter. Can you believe a camera that is 47 years old is capable of producing images this sharp?! And that it needs absolutely no batteries? It operates on solar cells! Let the Armageddon come, I am ready to document it with my battery-less camera. Totally in love with this Trip.

Another thing I had the chance of documenting with my Trip and this roll of expired Kodak Gold was a street festival called Stockholm Open Streets. It happened during several Sundays during like 2 months and it was quite cool. There were food trucks, a DJ playing some soca music, a tennis table right in the middle of the street, some democratic Twister game and lots of happy people everywhere. On the way to this festival I still had the chance to shoot the crazy boat traffic on Lake Mälaren and Swedes sun-bathing at the outdoor public pool of Eriksdalsbadet.

Shot with a 1967 Olympus Trip 35 and a roll of Kodak Gold 200 expired in 2007/2008, developed by Carmencita Film Lab. The whole film was exposed with +1 to compensate for the age. I think it looks great!

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  • Shreyas

    on June 7, 2015  10:14

    These pictures are just amazing.


  • ReneAA

    on October 9, 2016  04:45

    Awesome expired film . . . Awesome photographer & Awesome Olympus Trip 35