Mario and Ulrika’s Stadshuset Wedding

It’s funny how things happen. I started building my portfolio and shooting “clients” in late april. I wrote a business plan in early june and there I categorically affirmed I wanted to be exclusively a portrait photographer and that I would NEVER shoot a wedding. I applied for tax and officially started my company in mid-august. The 25th august I shot my first wedding. Yes, I said I would never do it and 2 months later, there I was. My words are worth less than a penny!

I was afraid of the responsibility, of sucking as a photographer, of screwing it up… too much FEAR. I may have been photographing since 2005, but I have never tried this professionally before, and I have SO much to learn. I have never even been to a wedding in Sweden, I have never been anyone’s second shooter, I didn’t even have backup equipment. I probably should have said ‘no’, but when Mario and Ulrika told me they wanted me to photograph their small wedding at Stadshuset, I thought “why not?”. In the worst case scenario I would never do it again, and it was only 1,5h work, just like a portrait session…

The first of my concerns was the (lack of) backup equipment. I had a little money saved, so I bought an used camera (a 5D Classic, old but still hot! My main camera is a 60D) and then Jaanus bought a suuuper fantastic lens, a 70-200 2.8L II (our first L lens! May I cry a little?) and I already had a sigma 50 1.4 and the kit lens. I understand a wedding is big responsibility, and if it had been any longer than 2 hours, I would have said ‘no’, I swear. But it really was a short gig, and I told the couple beforehand I had no experience. Ok, I did have a tiny little experience… I shot two rolls of film at some friends’ wedding back in 2008, but I am not sure that counts. Anyway, the couple knew it and they still wanted me to shoot it. They had seen the photos I took in the past months and they liked it! I asked my boyfriend Jaanus to go with me and help me with my bags – of course he got upgraded to 2nd shooter in the first 5 minutes… As usual, I prepared, I researched, I got inspired… and then I forgot everything – quite literally. I suffered from a terrible episode of brain fart so I just had to trust my intuition.

I am happy to report it went just fine! Working together with Jaanus made me feel reassured (he is quite good as a photographer!) and my first wedding couple and their family were super sweet. Interestingly, the butterflies in my stomach and all that fear disappeared after a few minutes into shooting. I was focused, eyes wide open, ideas were flowing, heart was pumping strong, lots of adrenaline. I LOVED IT!!! I want to do it again! Someone getting married? :-)

“Tusen tack för ett underbart jobb! Vi är väldig nöjda och glada. Bilderna visar allt som vi ville!” – Mario and Ulrika

This sweet couple asked me to not publish any images where they can be recognized, so today I am blogging only a few detail shots.

stadshuset torn brudens frisyr brudens bukett brudgummens blommor muw muw brollops skor muw muw vigselringar brudparet vaxlar vigselringar muw muw muw muw muw

Bröllop i Stadshuset Stockholm. Fotograf Maira Martins.

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