The story of how I became a photographer

I think it all started from a very young age, this thing with art. During my first 25 years, I wanted to be a ballet dancer, a vet, an astronomer, a writer, a pianist, a bassoonist, a journalist, a graphic designer, a photographer, a film producer, a video editor and back to a photographer again.

Finding Photography

It was 2005, my first year in university (I did a 5 years program in Radio and TV). I took 6 months of photography classes with Carolina Pires, who is a very talented and renowned wedding photographer in Brazil. We started from the beginning, how photos are made, how to properly expose, the history of photography… we progressed into composition, storytelling, photojournalism. I had my first contact with the French masters of photography, Doisneau, Bresson, Capa – until today my greatest source of inspiration. My dad gave me my first camera, his old 1978 Minolta XG-1 that had travelled half the world with him. I fell in love. I was hooked. I wanted to be a photographer. Photography was all that mattered to me.

I Cheated on Photography with Cinema

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I just didn’t had the balls to pursue it. I didn’t know anything about wedding photography, mind you. In all honesty, I thought that being a photographer was synonym with working at a newspaper. Somehow, somewhere along the way, I gave up. At that point I was also getting more involved with cinema. I realized cinema was photography in movement, quite literally. You see, movies were made with the same type of film that goes into analogue cameras – but much longer rolls, obviously. I suddenly started seeing cinema under a new light. I started seeing the photographer’s work and contribution, the exposure, the composition. Motion pictures stole my heart and when I finished university I moved to Rio de Janeiro for a master program in history of cinema and video editing.

Oh, hello Sweden! And back to Photography again!

I had a job, friends, an apartment. And then I met HIM. We got into a long distance skype relationship that lasted 1,5 year (you read that right!) but eventually it was so blatantly obvious one of us would have to move! That’s how I got here, you guys. I moved to Sweden.

I moved in july 2011 (yes, not even a year ago hahaha!) and with it came the opportunity to reinvent myself. I could go after a video editing job but my previous job experiences showed me I am kind of an unemployable person… I hate having a boss, receiving orders, doing things “just because”. So when Jaanus (that’s my viking) gave me a Canon 60D a few months after I had moved here – my first digital camera! – I decided to experiment. I took the camera out and started doing street photography. A friend saw my photos and asked if I could photograph her pregnant. One thing led to the other and here I am now, 100% ready to become a real photographer. It fits my happy personality and at the same time it allows me to hide my introspective self behind the camera.

You know what, the title of my post was not very accurate. Sorry, my bad! This is not the story of how I became a photographer. This is the story of how I am becoming a photographer. It’s an ongoing process. I have no idea what lies ahead of me! I hope I can keep writing on this blog for many years to come, writing with passion, documenting my journey with honesty. It will be cool to look back in a few years :-)

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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