Hello World

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This is my second attempt at a programming blog. The first time was about a year ago, right when I first started to learn web development and unfortunately I was overcome with impostor syndrome and ended up deleting all the posts. I kinda regret that I didn’t keep at it. It would have been so nice to go back and read about my many discoveries and challenges.

(You hear that, reader from the future? If you are a beginner and thinking to start a blog, do it. And don’t delete it!)

Now I’m one year into my journey and I’m about to succeed at the career change I’ve been dreaming about!

I’m interviewing for front end positions, I have been to my first tech conference, I even made my first dev friends IRL! I have finally reached a point where I feel confident presenting myself to others as “Maira, web developer”, instead of “Maira, photographer”. As a consequence, I feel much more confident about blogging too.

I really want to claim a corner of the internet to call my own.

So, hello world. Welcome!

I plan on publishing a new post every week. Study notes, tutorials, courses and book reviews, tech conference news, project walkthroughs… I think it’ll be cool. Let’s do this! ❤

Note: There won’t be any hate and trolling around here, which is why I am not enabling comments on the blog. Let’s bring the discussion to Twitter and Linkedin, like this more people can join in and contribute with high-quality comments. // Also, if you find typos or even a huge code error, please send me an email, tweet or open a github issue and help me fix it. I am here to learn and I will be forever grateful for your kind contributions.

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