My work

I was a professional photographer, but then I changed careers and am now a front-end web developer. I wanted to showcase my work, but having to choose between one and the other was breaking my heart, so I decided to simply showcase things I've done with love, no matter what career.

Portugal Shot on Film I

My first travel photographed entirely on film. During 2 weeks road-tripping through Portugal in 2015, I shot more than 10 rolls of film, experimenting with different stocks and techniques. Those are straight scans (unedited) of a roll of expired Fuji 400h, shot in Tavira, Praia da Marinha and Lagos.

Portugal Shot on Film II

Portugal, 2015. A road trip throughout the country shot entirely on film. While going from Lagos to Lisbon, passing through Sagres, I shot a roll of Fujicolor C200. Straight scans (unedited).

Memory Card Game

This is the first project where I stopped feeling lost and overwhelmed and started actually having fun programming. A 90's inspired memory card matching game!

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Maira Martins

Maira is a programmer and photographer currently based in Valencia, Spain. Originally from Brazil, Maira has lived in five countries throughout her life, which helps to infuse her work and her life with colors and creativity. She loves traveling, cooking, learning languages, watching documentaries about nature, and she recently developed a passion for gardening.

A long-time fan of cats, she discovered a passion for dogs during the six long snowy years she lived in Sweden. Specifically, her golden retriever Astro deserves all the credit for turning her into a dog-person, and teaching her that no matter how many times you vacuum the house, there will always be more dog hair everywhere.

Maira likes telling strangers random facts about her life and thinks that writing about herself in 3rd person makes it all seem very legit. She's been blogging on and off since 2005, but she swears this time she's really back to blogging. So welcome! Grab yourself a cup of whatever you like and browse around.