I’m Maira,

a Brazilian girl living in a tiny little apartment by the forest, together with my husband and our golden retriever Astro.

I create my best work when I feel a connection to the couple, when I see them for who they really are. On a wedding day I work with this mindset, trying to create some pretty rad images that are all about the two of you. I don’t want to be yet another photographer, shooting yet another wedding… that’s just boring. I am looking for meaningful stories and evocative images.

If you are looking for:

photos that show real emotion;
photos to make your heart beat faster — or skip a beat altogether;
photos that focus more on the people, than decorations;
photos to make your friends envy of all your cool;
photos where you look and feel amazing;
photos that are a pretty mix of photojournalism and fine art;
photos you actually want to go back to and look again and again.

Well, I’m glad you’re here. Let’s talk!


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The Experience

There is a key ingredient in making good photos happen and that is connection. It is just very important to me that we feel like we are a good match to each other. That’s not BS. To create art, you need to be into me, the work I do. And I need to be into you, inspired by you.

I take on a limited amount of work every year, so from my point of view it makes sense to only shoot what I love. I don’t want to be just another photographer shooting just another wedding, mechanically pushing the buttons on my camera. Anybody can do that. My work is so much more than that. You invest in me, and I invest in you. Let’s make art together!

Barcelona Wedding Photographer

“Omg!!!! Maira! We LOVE them so so so much! You are amazing!!!! We can’t thank you enough!”Katarina + Aleksander
“WOOOOOW! These pictures are even better than we would have imagined them to be in our wildest dreams. We are so happy right now (and I have some tears in my eyes)! Thank you two again – you are the best!” – Kathi + Basti
“Oh Maira. I have no words for how perfect this is! The film is more than we could ever believe and we’re so thankful for all that you’ve done! All the details, colors, music, laughter and smiling. Love love love it! Thank you a thousand times!!!” – Elsa + Joel
“I just need to say once again that I love it. Love the photos, love the film. I have seen it three times today! I try to describe it… but how to describe an unforgettable day with words? Your work is stunning. Thank you!” – Maria + Joel
“I never really liked looking at myself in pictures. But when I saw my portraits, for the first time ever I thought “wow! I look cute!”. I think your sense of humor and upbeat personality really helps put people at ease during the sessions. Thank you!” – Camila + Peter

Random Facts & Things I Love
  1. I have a golden retriever dog, Astro. Before him, I was a crazy cat-lazy. I believe I still am.
  2. I love cooking. Sadly, something always goes wrong in my kitchen.
  3. I speak five languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English, Swedish, French and Spanish.
  4. All that matters in my life fits in one backpack. I am convinced I could just quit everything tomorrow and live in a cabin in the forest/in an old RV/in a boat/whatever.
  5. Kodak Gold 200 A Day at the Beach Analog Photos Dog SwimmingI love dancing, but my dog goes crazy when I move so I haven’t danced at home since 2013!
  6. Books and wine at home over going out, a million times.
  7. I have a pretty eclectic taste for music, from Mozart to Rolling Stones to Queen B.
  8. In fact, I have a pretty eclectic taste for everything.
  9. Jaanus and I watch TV series or movies every night. We keep a list of every movie seen since 2012.
  10. I’m vegetarian :-)
  11. I am addicted to podcasts. I listen to at least two podcasts a day.
  12. I love comic books. I wish I knew how to draw!
  13. We got married in secret.

Features & Thank Yous

My work has been featured on international wedding blogs and in print magazines, such as Bridal Musings, Ever OursThose Lovely Days and Bröllopsguiden (nr. 2 2015). I’m also a member of The Norwegian Wedding Blog Vendor Guide, Sisters in Law Vendor Guide and Beloved Collective.

The beautiful portraits of you see all over the website were taken by Sharon Eve Smith. The gorgeous portrait of me holding a camera was taken by my dear friend & fine art film photographer Giane Lima. Thank you girls, for making me look awesome! Love you! The adorable one of me and my dog was taken by my husband Jaanus. Thank you, baby! Te amo!

So hello and thank you for stopping by.
I’m Maira and I’d love to share some photos with you.