About me.

I'm Maíra, a web developer and photographer living in Barcelona.

I started my professional life in the cinema industry, as a video editor. Later I built my own photography business, working mainly with weddings and corpo rate clients. After more than a decade in the creat ive audiovisual industry, I decided to change careers and focus on another passion: web development.

I am a self-taught developer, and a full-time programming student since October 2017. I always loved building websites, since my teens, and I'm really proud to have been awarded a Scholarship for a Udacity Front End Nanodegree, after competing with 200k students.

To learn more about what I do, check out my projects and my skills.


    I am inspired by innovation, and I create my best work when surrounded by a motivated team.

    Skills & Experience.

    I have a strong focus on the visual aspects of web development. I have always been attracted to design and am a lover of good typography coupled with a nice color palette. I usually present myself as a front end web developer, and I am interested in all aspects of web development, from idea to delivery.

    I believe a good website should be easy-to-use, beautiful and modern. I write semantic HTML and love CSS. I like Sass and sometimes use Bootstrap or Semantic UI -- although I often prefer to write my styles from scratch (Native CSS grid?! Yay!).

    I enjoy working with React.js and am planning on learning Vue.js in the near future. I am also quite interested in learning more about the JAM Stack, specially Gatsby and GraphQL.

    On the backend side of things, I'm familiar with Node.js, Express and MongoDB with Mongoose. Due to my background, I am also highly skilled in image and video editing with Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere.

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    I have a degree in Communications - Radio & TV, and a specialization in video editing for cinema and TV. I received a full Google Scholarship for a Udacity Front End Nanodegree, after being one of the top 10% students on Google's Developer Challenge 2017/2018. I completed my Nanodegree in August 2018.

    See my code on Github

    I have lived in five countries and speak five languages.

    I love: computers, comics, my dog, photography, reading books, my husband, watching movies and a good wine.