Russian School of Piano Playing Book 1 Part I

I have finally finished the first book in the Russian School of Piano Playing method! Can't believe I made it all the way here!! 🤩🎹❤️

Learning piano is one of the best decisions I ever made. My life is full of music and colours now. At moments it feels so impossibly hard, but looking back at this playlist, I feel so accomplished — specially considering I don't have a teacher and am learning on my own. My mental health has benefit so much from the piano too! I didn't really have hobbies before, and after work I just watched TV. Now I practice piano, I listen to music. I also picked up gardening. And baking bread! Honestly, piano has taught me to LIVE my life, instead of letting it pass me by.

I haven't recorded everything in the book (I skipped all exercises, for example), but I did record most pieces and études. Sharing below some of my favourite ones!

Youtube Playlist: all my recordings for the book

This article was updated on November 5, 2023

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