Piano étude no. 116 by Gnesina

For the past two years I have really struggled to keep up with my piano studies. I feel a little disappointed in myself that after 2.5 years I'm still only a grade 1 student, but it is what it is.

Work has gotten in the way more than I'd like to admit, I've gotten older and started suffering from insomnia and back pain, and honestly, I was just not prioritising it. Any time I had vacations or some extra time, I'd try to get back on track, only to get derailed again a few weeks later. I started dreading my pieces and comparing myself to everybody, from Martha Argerich to youtube prodigies who manage to go from zero to concert pianist in a span of a year.

Eventually, I stopped making excuses and stopped worrying. I figured learning piano makes me happy and that's reason enough. I'm back at it and this time I mean it!!!

This lovely étude by Elena Gnesina is piece no. 116 on the Russian School of Piano Playing. I don't know why she is not more known in the western world. Every single one of her études so far has been amazing. She really knew how to compose a perfect blend of technique and musicality.

Elena Gnesina (1874 — 1967) was a Russian/Soviet composer and a very well-regarded teacher. Wikipedia has a small biography on her: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elena_Gnesina

Sheet music for this piece:

Book Russian School of Piano Playing book 1 part II (Hal Leonard)

This article was updated on November 4, 2023

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