Jumping in the Mud: 10 early elementary piano solos

"Jumping in the Mud" is the title of the first book in Christine Donkin's Piano Pieces Vol I: Elementary. This is an early elementary (preparatory grade) selection of pieces, but unlike the ultra boring and dull stuff in Alfred's and Faber's books, the selection here is refreshing, challenging and very musical. It's possible for an adult beginner to get away from "Mary and the little lamb", folks!! 😂

Book cover of "Jumping in the Mud: 10 early elementary piano solos" by Christine Donkin

I recently posted a piece I learned from the second book in the collection, "Comics & Card Tricks". This second book is definitely harder than the first (ranging from prep to grade 3, but most of the pieces are grade 1) and it will probably take me a couple years more to work through all the pieces. I'm really looking forward to learning some of the more Fantasy / Witchy / Harry Potteresque ones!

I've finished working through "Jumping in the Mud: 10 early elementary piano solos" several months ago, and have recorded most of the pieces. Sharing all my recordings in my brand new blog, so future me can come back and be proud of my progress! 😀

Youtube Playlist: Jumping in the Mud

I did not record "Jumping in the Mud" and "Something's Ticking".

Sheet music:

Book Piano Pieces Vol. I: Elementary (amazon)

This article was updated on November 4, 2023

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